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Volunteering is a powerful and joyful act that not only benefits the causes and communities we serve but also enriches our own lives.

It's a reminder of our shared humanity and the positive impact we can have when we come together for a common purpose. Volunteering offers a sense of fulfillment and purpose that comes from knowing that our time and efforts are making a tangible difference, whether it's supporting those in need, contributing to environmental conservation, or helping local organizations thrive.


Ultimately, volunteering is a heartwarming reminder that the smallest of actions can lead to significant positive change, and it leaves a lasting imprint of joy and satisfaction on both the giver and the receiver.



You local communities need you help!

Volunteer Spokane, proudly operated by United Way of Spokane County, acts as a central hub for fulfilling our community's diverse volunteering needs, where local charities engage a broad spectrum of volunteers to create an impact and foster positive change.



VISTA Program

United Way of Spokane County and AmeriCorps
bring out the best of America

United Way of Spokane County's  VISTA Program plays a pivotal role in managing and supporting AmeriCorps projects dedicated to combating poverty in Spokane County. Collaborating closely with AmeriCorps, our program currently oversees a VISTA Leader and 14 VISTA member projects hosted by local organizations.

Our strategy centers on identifying anti-poverty initiatives that align with our vision of creating a more educated, healthier, and prosperous community. We provide unwavering support to these projects and AmeriCorps members, assisting them in fortifying existing programs or launching new ones at the grassroots level. Our ultimate goal is to nurture sustainable project operations, yielding enduring positive impacts that extend beyond the conclusion of AmeriCorps sponsorship, thus contributing significantly to our community's long-term progress. This presents an ideal opportunity for volunteers seeking to make a lasting difference by helping projects evolve into self-sustaining operations, resulting in enduring positive outcomes and contributing to our community's sustained growth.

Emerging Leaders Society (ELS) Membership

ELS operates as an exclusive society for its members, who actively engage in networking events, professional development activities, and hands-on volunteer opportunities with local non-profit organizations.

Members of the Emerging Leaders Society (ELS) annually dedicate their time, skills, and resources to both the community and Spokane County United Way. ELS members actively participate in networking events, professional development activities, and engage in hands-on volunteer work with local non-profit organizations. They also gain valuable leadership experience by serving on committees of their choice, which include Events, Marketing, Membership, Spokane Philanthropy Awards, Strategic Planning, and Volunteer.

Being an ELS member represents an opportunity to make a significant impact, expand one's network, gain valuable experience, and contribute positively to the community. ELS members are the future leaders of Spokane, and their commitment is essential.

Membership Commitment

To become an official member of the United Way Emerging Leaders Society of Spokane, individuals are required to participate in one of the following Contribution Tiers, (unicorn-panda) which can be fulfilled through a Workplace Giving Campaign or direct donations to the United Way of Spokane County.


Contribution Tiers:

  • Tier 1: A minimum financial contribution of $1000 and 10 hours of volunteer service annually (includes recognition in the United Way Leadership Registry).
  • Tier 2: A minimum financial contribution of $500 and 25 hours of volunteer service annually.
  • Tier 3: A minimum financial contribution of $250 and 50 hours of volunteer service annually.