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Domestic Violence 

In Spokane County, domestic violence is a pervasive issue that affects countless families and children, with rates double the state average and increasing over the past decade. This pressing problem requires a united effort to break the cycle of abuse and support victims in rebuilding their lives.

People Providing support

85% of individuals using hotline services report experiencing significant emotional support

Source: Domestic Violence Services Research

Identifying Disparities Domestic violence has far-reaching consequences, contributing significantly to homelessness and affecting individuals from all backgrounds. However, marginalized groups often experience higher rates of domestic violence and face additional barriers to seeking help. Understanding these disparities is crucial for providing effective support and intervention.

United Way of Spokane County, in partnership with organizations like the YWCA of Spokane, addresses domestic violence through a holistic approach. This includes providing immediate resources such as shelter, counseling, and a 24-hour helpline, as well as long-term solutions like stable housing, employment opportunities, and parenting support. By leveraging local data, we can make informed investments and tailor our strategies to meet the needs of our community.

The YWCA of Spokane offers a 24-hour helpline (509-326-CALL) for individuals in immediate need, providing a lifeline for those trapped in domestic violence situations. This crucial resource offers support, guidance, and a way to escape the cycle of violence, exemplifying our commitment to immediate intervention and support.

Our long-term impact aims to create a community where domestic violence is not only addressed but prevented. By providing comprehensive support and empowering survivors, we strive to foster safe, healthy families and reduce the prevalence of domestic violence. Our goal is to create lasting change, ensuring that future generations live free from the threat of abuse.

United Way's investment strategy focuses on building community capacity through strategic grants and partnerships. These investments enhance local resources, support innovative solutions, and strengthen the overall infrastructure needed to address domestic violence effectively. By empowering communities to respond to and prevent domestic violence, we create a robust support system for all individuals.

Combating domestic violence in Spokane County is a collective effort that requires community support, intervention, and a commitment to breaking the cycle. Through partnerships with organizations like the YWCA of Spokane and data-driven strategies, United Way is making significant strides in addressing this critical issue. Together, we can create a safer, more inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


24hr Domestic Violence Helpline

Call: 509-326-2255 | Text: 509-220-3725 | email:

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