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In the quiet corners of our community, behind closed doors, a pervasive issue continues to haunt the lives of countless families and children—domestic violence. In Spokane County, domestic violence rates are a troubling double of the state average, and they have doubled over the past decade. It's an issue that affects us all, whether directly or indirectly, and it's a cycle that needs to be broken.



A Sobering Reality

The statistics are grim.

Thousands of families and children in Spokane County grapple with the devastating impact of domestic violence daily. It's a problem that reaches deep into the heart of our community, touching lives in ways that are often hidden from view. The need for support and intervention is evident, and it's a call that the YWCA of Spokane has been answering for years.


Help is a Phone Call Away

24-hour helpline: +1 (509) 326-2255

For those who find themselves trapped in a domestic violence situation and are seeking a way out, help is just a phone call away.

The YWCA of Spokane offers a lifeline through its 24-hour helpline at 509-326-CALL (2255).

It's a crucial resource for those in immediate need, providing support, guidance, and a way to escape the cycle of violence.

Addressing the Root Causes

Creating Safe, Healthy Families

Domestic violence isn't just about physical abuse; it's a complex issue with far-reaching consequences, including its role as one of the leading causes of homelessness in Spokane County. We recognizes the need for a holistic approach to help victims break free from this cycle. Their work encompasses providing stable housing, employment opportunities, and parenting support to empower survivors to rebuild their lives.

United Way's mission in this battle is clear: to create safe, healthy families free from the scourge of domestic violence. Their strategy is rooted in local data, allowing them to understand the scope of the problem and make informed investments to combat it. They are deeply committed to providing immediate resources, shelter, counseling, and, most importantly, preventing future violence.


A Collective Effort

Breaking the cycle of domestic violence requires a collective effort.

United Way calls on the community to raise their hands and get involved, whether through volunteering or lending support. Together, they are making strides in addressing this critical issue that affects us all.

Additional Resources

For those looking to learn more or take a deeper dive into the issue, resources like the "End the Violence" documentary and articles shedding light on Spokane's domestic violence problem are available.

The Eastern Washington University Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis' Community Indicators and the Women Helping Women Fund's research provide further insights into the issue and the steps being taken to combat it.

The battle against domestic violence in Spokane County is ongoing, but it's a battle worth fighting. Through community support, intervention, and a commitment to breaking the cycle, organizations like the YWCA of Spokane and United Way are making a difference, one step at a time.