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About Us

Live United

Our mission is to improve the lives and future of all people in the Spokane County community. We bring together individuals and organizations with the passion and resources to understand need and ensure opportunities for every individual to reach their human potential.

United Way of Spokane County believes in the power of collaboration to address complex community challenges. By forging partnerships with state, regional, and local entities, we amplify our impact and turn shared visions into actionable solutions. Together, we strive to create a Spokane County that thrives with equity, inclusivity, and resilience.


United Way of Spokane County is committed to bridging gaps and fostering connections within our community. By promoting diversity and inclusion, we strive to fulfill our mission and uphold our values, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Our dedication to accountability and transparency underscores our commitment to responsible stewardship of funds and the achievement of measurable results.

Identifying Disparities

We understand that addressing community challenges requires diverse perspectives and collective action. Our dedicated staff, volunteers, donors, and partner agencies work collaboratively to create lasting, sustainable transformations. By focusing on systemic change, we aim to address the root causes of community challenges, leading to outcomes that endure and improve the lives of individuals and families for generations.

Our Approach to Solving the Problem

Our approach is community-led, and we actively engage with local residents to understand the unique challenges they face. This inclusive strategy ensures that our solutions are responsive, culturally sensitive, and tailored to the specific needs of Spokane County.

Equity-Driven Initiatives

We prioritize equity in all our efforts, ensuring that programs are led by and support historically underserved and marginalized communities. We actively involve these communities in decision-making processes, bringing diverse perspectives to our Board and committees.

Community Engagement

By listening, interacting, and convening partner agencies and community members, we build and sustain relationships that are essential for effective collaboration and progress.

Through our partnerships and initiatives, we have seen significant improvements in the lives of individuals and families in Spokane County. For instance, our funding of community programs has enabled many low-income families to secure stable housing, access quality education, and achieve financial stability, demonstrating the tangible impact of our work.

Long-Term Impact

Our commitment to fostering equity and inclusion has a lasting impact on the community. By addressing systemic issues and creating opportunities for all individuals to succeed, we contribute to the development of a more just and equitable society. Our efforts not only improve lives today but also pave the way for future generations to thrive.


Sustainable Funding

We ensure the responsible use of donations by adhering to stringent financial reporting, governance, and ethical standards. Our investment strategy focuses on funding programs that produce measurable and meaningful results.


Capacity Building

United Way of Spokane County takes its responsibility seriously when it comes to allocating funds. Our team of local volunteers invests time and expertise to rigorously vet the agencies we support. This comprehensive vetting process ensures that the nonprofits we fund meet high standards in program quality, governance, finance, and sustainability. This diligence guarantees that donor contributions are directed toward impactful, well-managed initiatives.

United Way of Spokane County is a catalyst for change, empowering individuals to unite and address complex community problems. The funds raised through our campaigns are strategically allocated to local agencies and programs. These funds directly support critical needs, providing a lifeline for children, parents, and caregivers in Spokane County. Together, we are building a stronger, more vibrant, and equitable community for all.

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