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Since 1921 we have listened to, worked with, and supported our community for social service needs.  Our work is about creating long-lasting changes by addressing the underlying causes of problems, not just addressing the symptoms.  Our work is aligned to make the greatest impact through collective action, increased capacity for local nonprofits, and program investments.

Our Vision

If you believe Spokane County can be a place where every child graduates, every family can provide for their needs and every home is safe and caring then you believe what we believe.  Spokane County United Way is here to connect your talents and financial contributions with thousands of other people who share this belief.  Together we can make a more educated, prosperous and healthy community.

That’s why our work is focused on the building blocks for a good life:

  • Education – Increase high school graduation rates so that every child can achieve their potential.
  • Income – Increase financial stability of families.
  • Health – Support healthy home environments.

Our Role

Spokane County United Way brings together local partners and national funders to have focused impact.  

We invest in expert programs with measured results that are aligned to create sustainable change.

We bring best practices into our community that enable our partners to work better.

Our work cannot be done alone.  We create collaborative relationships with community partners to get things done.

We advocate for systemic level change.

Advocacy Efforts

March 2017 Hill Day

February 2017 Lobby Day

Additional Resources

Community Impact Investments and Results Document