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Capacity Building

Empower Your Mission with!

Is your nonprofit seeking dedicated volunteers to support your cause? Just like individuals, nonprofits can easily register on—a platform created by United Way of Spokane to connect organizations with community members eager to make a difference.

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Increased Capacity:

Volunteers boost nonprofit capacity by an average of 20%, enabling organizations to expand services and reach more beneficiaries


Source: Nonprofit Research Collaborative

Many nonprofits face challenges in recruiting volunteers, while potential volunteers often struggle to find suitable opportunities. addresses these needs by offering a centralized platform where nonprofits can post volunteer opportunities and individuals can discover roles that match their skills and availability.

How It Works

Registering your nonprofit on is straightforward. Simply visit the website and follow the registration process. Once approved, you can post detailed volunteer listings outlining your organization's needs, including specific tasks, required skills, and preferred scheduling.

Making an Impact: Jane’s Story

Consider Jane, a retired teacher eager to give back to her community. Through, she found a tutoring opportunity at a local youth center perfectly aligned with her background and availability. Her commitment significantly boosted students' academic skills and confidence, illustrating the transformative impact of connecting volunteers with meaningful roles.

Long-Term Benefits

By listing opportunities on, nonprofits foster community engagement and support while enhancing their operational capacity. Increased volunteer participation strengthens organizational effectiveness and program impact, contributing to a more resilient and compassionate Spokane.

Supporting Our Nonprofits

United Way of Spokane provides capacity-building grants to local nonprofits, empowering them to effectively manage volunteers and sustain impactful programs. These grants support volunteer management systems, outreach efforts, and program sustainability, ensuring lasting community benefits from volunteer contributions.

Join Us Today

Register your nonprofit on today and expand your impact by connecting with passionate volunteers ready to support your mission. Together, we can build a stronger community in Spokane.

Visit and start reaching volunteers who are eager to make a difference.

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