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Our Strategy

In our quest for a better community, we pursue a three-fold strategy:

1. Identifying Impactful Projects: We carefully select anti-poverty initiatives that align with our vision for a thriving community.

2. Providing Support: We offer our support to anti-poverty projects and AmeriCorps members, who play a crucial role in strengthening or creating local programs.

3. Ensuring Long-Term Impact: We are committed to the sustained success of these projects beyond AmeriCorps sponsorship.


What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps, is the federal agency connecting individuals and organizations through national service.

What is Spokane Washington's VISTA Program?

United Way of Spokane County,  Washington's VISTA Program is designed to combat poverty through capacity-building service.



What is a capacity-building service?

In the dynamic world of community change-makers, capacity-building services stand as the cornerstone for enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of non-profit organizations and community groups. These services acts as the driving force behind elevating an organization's potential to fulfill its mission, improve its services, and achieve its objectives.

United Way of Spokane's VISTA Program program provides capacity building services to anti-poverty agencies in the Spokane area. In essence, the mission of VISTA is to fortify these organizations, making them more self-reliant, resilient, and ideally equipped to address the challenges and the unique needs of their communities.

What does AmeriCorps VISTA Program focus on?

Financial Stability and Economic Opportunity

AmeriCorps programs serve as a pathway to employment opportunities and help develop vital work skills. We build and rehabilitate affordable housing, provide financial literacy training, and connect people to jobs. Local VISTA projects include:


VISTA projects work to increase access to services and resources to improve educational outcomes from school readiness to K-12 and post-secondary access and success.

Healthy Futures

"Healthy Futures" is a transformative initiative committed to nurturing and safeguarding children, instilling healthy choices through educational outreach, addressing drug and alcohol prevention and recovery, and facilitating access to healthcare services for low-income families.


What are other areas AmeriCorps focuses on?

Veterans and Military Families

AmeriCorps supports Veterans and Military Families through various programs and initiatives that focus on providing essential services, support, and resources to those who have served and their families, helping them successfully transition to civilian life and thrive in their communities.

Disaster Recovery

AmeriCorps Disaster Recovery plays a crucial role in responding to and aiding communities affected by natural disasters and emergencies, with dedicated members working to provide disaster relief, rebuild communities, and support recovery efforts across the United States.


How To Host a VISTA project

Requirement to host a VISTA project:

  • Develop a 3-year anti-poverty project.
  • Assist in recruitment and supervise AmeriCorps members.

How To Serve on VISTA project

Requirement to serve on a VISTA project:

  • Dedicate one year to serving full-time.
  • Gain professional experience, learn new skills, and support low-income communities.
  • Receive benefits and join a supportive community of AmeriCorps members, guided by a VISTA Leader.


For prospective project sites:

AmeriCorps VISTA Readiness Worksheet

Complete a Concept Paper

For prospective AmeriCorps Membership:

AmeriCorps Member Benefits