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When you choose to support United Way of Spokane County, you're not just making a donation; you're igniting positive change right here in our local area.

Your contribution fuels vital programs addressing key pillars like education, financial stability, and health. What sets United Way apart is its unwavering commitment to efficiency.

With a wealth of expertise and a vast network, your donation is maximized to provide effective and efficient assistance to those in need. Together, we form a collective impact, where businesses, individuals, and nonprofits unite to tackle our community's most pressing challenges.

Your donation is the spark that fuels lasting change, driving our community forward towards a better tomorrow.

At United Way, we have deep roots in our local communities, and we tailor our initiatives to meet the unique needs of our neighbors. This means your support goes directly to where it matters most. We take pride in our commitment to transparency and accountability, regularly reporting on our activities and financial stewardship to provide you with peace of mind.