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Capacity Building

Discover the Power of Volunteering with!

Are you looking to make a difference in your community but aren't sure where to start? At United Way of Spokane, we believe that everyone has the power to contribute to a better world. That's why we created—a platform designed to connect you with local nonprofits in need of your help.


Corporate Benefits:

 Employee volunteer programs create a 13% increase in employee productivity and a 9% boost in employee engagement.

Source: Deloitte Volunteerism Survey

Bridging the Gap

Many nonprofits struggle to find volunteers, while community members like you may find it challenging to locate opportunities that fit your interests and schedule. addresses this by offering a one-stop solution where you can easily sign up, browse, and find volunteer opportunities that match your skills and availability.

How It Works

Getting started is simple. Just visit and sign up. Once registered, you can browse a wide range of volunteer opportunities posted by local nonprofits. Each listing provides a brief outline of the help needed, along with the days of the week and times of day when assistance is required. This way, you can choose the opportunities that best suit your schedule and interests.


Making an Impact: Jane’s Story

Meet Jane, a retired teacher who wanted to give back to her community but didn’t know where to begin. Through, she discovered a tutoring program at a local youth center. With her background in education, Jane found her perfect match and began volunteering weekly. Her efforts significantly improved the reading and math skills of several students, boosting their confidence and academic performance. Jane’s experience is just one example of how can help you find your ideal volunteer role and make a real difference.

Long-Term Benefits

By connecting volunteers with meaningful opportunities, fosters a culture of community engagement and support. Increased volunteer participation strengthens local nonprofits, enabling them to better serve the community. Over time, this collective effort contributes to a more vibrant, resilient, and compassionate Spokane.

Supporting Our Nonprofits

United Way of Spokane invests in capacity-building grants for local nonprofits to ensure they have the resources needed to effectively manage volunteers and enhance their programs. These grants help organizations improve their outreach, volunteer management systems, and program sustainability, ensuring that your contributions have a lasting impact.

Join Us Today makes it easier than ever to find the perfect volunteer opportunity. By signing up and browsing the site, you can discover how your unique skills and availability can benefit local nonprofits. Together, we can build a stronger Spokane.


Visit today and take the first step toward making a difference in your community.

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