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Capacity Building

United Way of Spokane is dedicated to improving lives and strengthening our community by connecting people, resources, and ideas to achieve lasting impact.


At United Way of Spokane, we believe that everyone has the power to make a difference. That's why we created, a platform designed to connect local nonprofits with community members eager to volunteer. allows nonprofits to post their volunteer needs, while volunteers can search the site to find opportunities that best suit their skills and interests. By bringing together passionate individuals and organizations, we aim to create a more connected and resilient community.

Identifying Disparities

Many local nonprofits face challenges in recruiting volunteers, often due to a lack of visibility and resources. At the same time, community members who want to give back may struggle to find opportunities that align with their abilities and passions. This disconnect can lead to unmet needs within our community, hindering the progress of vital programs and services.

Our Approach to Solving the Problem bridges the gap between nonprofits and volunteers. By providing a centralized platform where nonprofits can post their volunteer needs and volunteers can easily find opportunities, we streamline the process of community engagement. Our approach ensures that volunteers are matched with roles that utilize their unique skills, making their contributions more impactful and fulfilling. This synergy enhances the capacity of local nonprofits to deliver their essential services.


Consider Jane, a retired teacher who wanted to give back to her community but didn’t know where to start. Through, she discovered a tutoring program at a local youth center. Her skills and experience were a perfect fit, and she began volunteering weekly. Her efforts helped improve the reading and math skills of several students, boosting their confidence and academic performance. Jane’s story is just one example of how is making a difference by connecting dedicated individuals with meaningful opportunities.

Long-Term Impact

By fostering a culture of volunteerism and creating strong partnerships between community members and nonprofits, is laying the foundation for sustained positive change. Increased volunteer engagement enhances the capacity of nonprofits to meet community needs, leading to stronger, more resilient organizations. Over time, this collaborative approach will contribute to a more vibrant, supportive, and empowered Spokane.

Investment Strategy/Capacity Building Grants

To ensure the continued success and growth of, United Way of Spokane invests in capacity-building grants for local nonprofits. These grants help organizations enhance their volunteer management systems, improve their outreach efforts, and develop sustainable programs. By strengthening the infrastructure of our partner nonprofits, we ensure they have the resources needed to maximize volunteer engagement and drive long-term community impact. exemplifies United Way of Spokane's commitment to connecting local nonprofits with community members. By making it easier for volunteers to find opportunities and for nonprofits to recruit the help they need, we create a more connected and compassionate community. Join us in our mission to improve lives and build a stronger Spokane.

Visit today and discover how you can make a difference.

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