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Excelerate Success acts as a catalyst pursuing Education Equity.


Excelerate Success will ignite sustainable social and systemic change by leveraging community voice and power to identify and confront opportunity gaps.  Through individual and collective transformation, we work to create learning spaces that honor the unique identities and lived experiences of every person.

Read United Way's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


For the Spokane County community, excellence and opportunity embody the core aspirations we maintain for our youth as they develop to their full potential. These aspirations are the foundation of Excelerate Success - a partnership across the community with a shared vision and vested responsibility to our families, our neighborhoods and our future.

From a staff perspective this work means to lead with an intersectional racial equity lens. We know that we cannot achieve equity in our communities without addressing racial equity and how race intersects with other structural forms of oppression and marginalization. It means attaching education equity to root causes and identifying and undoing structural barriers that stand in the way of students who are positioned the furthest away from justice. It means for the time being we are hyper-focused on addressing the beliefs, norms and knowledge that stand as historical and rigid structural barriers in our communities. We care and are concerned about policies and practices, but we recognize that to get to systems change we cannot ignore the significance "mental models" play in our society, and this is where we have decided to commit our time and resources as Excelerate Success.

To participate in one of our equity learning opportunities or for more information about Excelerate Success, please contact Rowena Pineda - Director of Community Collaborations and Equity  509.324.5023.