Emergency Food and Shelter Program

EFSP Phase 39 Application and Information

Funding Notice for Emergency Food and Shelter Program Phase 39 and ARPA-R is underway!

Through the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, Phases 39 ARPA-R, $784,004 is being distributed to Spokane non-profits. The eleven agencies receiving funding are: Second Harvest, The Salvation Army, Volunteers of America, YWCA, Spokane County United Way, Shalom Ministries, Our Place Community Ministries, Women and Children’s Free Restaurant, Catholic Charities Eastern Washington, If You Could Save Just One, and Family Promise of Spokane. Community volunteers serving on the Emergency Food and Shelter Program Local Board reviewed applications and determined funding allocations. Thankfully, every agency that applied received funding.

The majority of funding ($481,634 or 61.5%) will support local mass shelter services. $286,517 (36.5%) is going towards food programs ($158,250 for food distribution and $128,267 for served meals). The rest of the funds ($15,853 or 2%) will be used for supplies and administration.

These dollars provide vital services for our community. Special thanks to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for making these funds available, and to the volunteer members of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program Local Board for ensuring these funds were distributed.

Local Contact Information

Matthew Shelledy
Community Impact Manager, Spokane County United Way
Email Matthew Shelledy 
Phone 509.324.5042

Additional Information

The current funding cycle, Phase 39 & ARPA-R, runs from November 1, 2021 to April 23, 2023. There are $784,004 available for eligible expenditures in Spokane County ($191,652 for Phase 39, and $592,352 for ARPA-R).

To learn more about the National Emergency Food and Shelter program visit www.efsp.unitedway.org.