Story on Child Care

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Spokane County United Way partners with Transitions for EduCare Infant Care/Parenting Support as part of our work to strengthen healthy families. This program helps to prevent child abuse and neglect by offering infant childcare, emergency drop-in (respite) childcare, and parenting skills training and support to vulnerable families.

Sarah is the mother of four children. Sarah’s two middle children have attended preschool at EduCare, so when infant care was funded by United Way she enrolled her infant into the program at age six months. The teachers and staff at Transitions noticed that the six-month-old, Carly, was somewhat behind in the developmental milestones she should have at age six months. She was uncomfortable with moving her head, slow to engage with toys, and could only stay in the tummy time position for a couple of seconds at a time. The Transitions staff took a team approach to addressing these concerns in conjunction with Carly’s mother. The infant teacher, on-call nurse, and the center director helped Sarah develop strategies for her to get her baby where she needed to be.

These behaviors ended up resolving themselves with time, but the staff was sure to communicate in detail with Sarah about Carly’s progress and needs. Now, Carly is a happy and on track 16-month-old who is mobile, curious and playful. She gets to be a part of Transition’s EduCare respite service that we have adopted in response to COVID19

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