Story about Housing stability, abuse

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Spokane County’s child abuse, neglect, and domestic violence rates are nearly double the state average. That’s why United Way invests in parental support programs, counseling and emergency shelters for families struggling with these difficult issues.

Claudia and her son Ace began visiting the Nurturing Center at the Salvation Army in 2017 after escaping a domestic violence situation. Claudia was using heroine which prompted Child Protective Services (CPS) to remove Ace from Claudia’s care. Claudia missed many of the planned visits and had difficulty engaging with Ace. In the spring of 2018, something changed. Claudia announced she was entering a treatment program and would be away for a few months. In July of 2018, CPS authorized visits for Ace with his mother. Staff noted that Claudia was engaged with Ace. They played on the floor, laughed, read books and played board games for hours. Claudia had been clean for 60 days. From that first visit Claudia never missed an opportunity to visit with Ace. In fact, she arrived early and waited for him. The bond between mother and son grew with every visit. A few months later Claudia was able to secure housing in the Stepping Stones program. Claudia now had a safe place to live. With the assistance of a case worker she secured employment. This was the first time in three years Claudia was able to hold down a job. She worked full time, visited Ace multiple times a week, and attended parenting classes and therapy. In March of 2019 Claudia was able to move out of the Stepping Stones program and into permanent housing. In-home visits and follow-up services then began. In July Ace was returned to Claudia and the stable home she provided. United Way investments are critical to the Stepping Stones program.

As a donor to United Way, your dollars reach families to provide safe homes through parental support programs, mental health and substance abuse counseling, emergency shelters and affordable housing

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