Story about Family Stability

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As we kick off this year’s United Way Campaign, your continued leadership is needed as we work to build our participation in this critical community effort. Since 1921 United Way has served and continues to serve our community in ways that create solutions to our most pressing social needs. United Way brings together local partners and invests in programs demonstrating measurable and lasting change for the most vulnerable in our community. Join us in celebrating their 100th year-anniversary.

United Way Family Stability

United Way helps children succeed in school by funding high quality early learning, after school, summer programs and targeted services to youth at risk of not graduating. That’s why United Way invests in prevention and intervention programs for youth like Ashley...

As a 7th grader Ashley was experiencing suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as the result of severe abuse. Ashley was accepted into the East Valley School District FASST program through Frontier Behavioral Health. In the first two years of counseling, Ashley had many ups and downs including three inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations due to suicidal and homicidal thoughts. As an 11th grader Ashley is experiencing positive changes. Her symptoms of depression and suicidal thoughts have decreased and there have been no hospitalizations. Ashley completed the school year with no grade below a C and is motivated to continue making changes allowing her to live “her best life”. Ashley has graduated from the FASST program and continues to receive recognition from her teachers and counselors for the significant changes in behavior that she has achieved. United Way investments are critical to the FASST program.

As a donor to United Way, your dollars reach families to provide safe homes through parental support programs, mental health and substance abuse counseling, emergency shelters and affordable housing.

If you wish to make a gift, and join 100 years of trusted giving, you need only to go to: PROVIDE INSTRUCTION FOR ONLINE OR PAPER PLEDGE TURN IN to record your annual gift for 2022. Every contribution – large and small – makes a huge impact in this community. Thank you for the work you do every day and for your careful consideration of support of Spokane County United Way.