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Income Stability

Free Tax Prep

Since 2009, United Way's Tax Prep program has enabled over 1.3 million taxpayers to save $260 million in filing fees and reclaim $1.9 billion in tax refunds. By collaborating with H&R Block, we offer households with simple returns the opportunity to file for free at, supporting United Way’s mission of enhancing individual and community well-being.

tax provider helping couple do their taxes

United Way's Tax Prep saved 1.3 million taxpayers
$260M in fees and reclaimed $1.9B in refunds.

Many individuals and families in Spokane County struggle with the complexities and costs of tax preparation. These financial barriers can prevent them from accessing the refunds and credits they are entitled to, impacting their overall financial health and stability.

Free Tax Preparation

Through, we provide households with simple tax returns the ability to file without incurring any fees, saving them hundreds of dollars.

Accessible Locations:

Tax preparation services are offered at multiple locations across Spokane County, ensuring that everyone has access to these vital resources.

Professional Assistance

Our collaboration with H&R Block ensures that taxpayers receive expert help, making the filing process smooth and accurate.

A family in Spokane saved $300 in tax preparation fees by using With the guidance of our professional partners, they received a substantial tax refund, which they used to pay down debt and build their savings, improving their financial stability.

By providing free tax preparation services, we not only help individuals and families save money but also empower them to achieve greater financial independence. These savings and refunds contribute to the local economy, fostering long-term community growth and resilience.

Grants and Funding

We secure grants and funding from supporters like you to sustain and expand our program, enabling us to reach more individuals and families each year.

United Way's Tax Prep program is more than a financial service; it is a pathway to economic empowerment for Spokane County residents. By eliminating the cost of tax preparation and maximizing refunds, we help individuals and families achieve financial stability and contribute to the well-being of our community. Join us in promoting economic security and unlocking savings for everyone, one tax return at a time.

Tax Prep Locations

Most tax preparation sites are by appointment only.
Please be sure call ahead to make an appointment starting January 11th - April 15th, 2024
You can also file for yourself online, for free at

Argonne Library

4322 N Argonne Rd
Spokane, WA 99212

(509) 893-8260

Wednesday: 2 pm-6pm
Thursday: 10 am-2 pm

Cheney Library

610 1st St,
Cheney, WA 99004

(509) 893-8280

Friday: 1-4 pm
Select Saturdays: 11 am-2 pm

Medical Lake City Hal

124 S Lefevre St,
Medical Lake, WA 99022

(509) 565-5000


Wednesday: 5-7 pm
Thursday: 5-7 pm

Moran Prairie Library

6004 S Regal St
Spokane, WA 99223

(509) 893-8340

Friday: 2-6 pm
Saturdays: 10 am-2 pm

Northeast Community Center

4001 N Cook St,
Spokane, WA 99207

(509) 487-1603

Tuesday: 10 am-1 pm
Wednesday: 10 am-1 pm
Thursday:10 am-1 pm

Spokane Valley Library

22 N Herald Rd
Spokane Valley, WA 99206

(509) 893-8400

Monday: 4-7 pm
Friday: 1-4 pm
Saturday: 10 am-1 pm

Documents to bring to your appointment:

* Required
• Your most recent Tax Return*

• Valid picture identification*

• Social Security card or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITN) for each taxpayer(s), family member and working adult.*

• All income statements such as W-2, 1098, 1099 forms for you and spouse.*

• Any forms 1095-proof of health insurance*

If applicable:
  • Proof of other income for you or spouse
  • Form 1098T and education expenses for students
  • All 1099K forms
  • Childcare provider name, address and tax ID
  • Property tax & interest information, if homeowner
  • Bank routing and account numbers for checking or savings account

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