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Capacity Building

AmeriCorp VISTA Help

Our mission is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering. AmeriCorps VISTA combats poverty through capacity-building service, creating thriving communities that allow for everyone to have the opportunity to succeed.

americorp vista volunteers helping the community

Partnered with 70+ local agencies
to enhance local services.

Are you looking to recruit an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer to support your project or organization in Spokane County?

United Way of Spokane County's AmeriCorps VISTA Program collaborates closely with local partners to develop impactful 3-year service projects aimed at addressing poverty and strengthening community programs.


Our Impact

In Spokane County, social and economic disparities persist, affecting many individuals and families struggling to meet basic needs. The AmeriCorps VISTA Program tackles these challenges by enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability of local organizations serving low-income communities.

How We Address the Challenge

  1. Identifying Impactful Projects: We focus on initiatives aligned with community well-being, targeting education, financial literacy, and healthy futures.

  2. Providing Comprehensive Support: Throughout the 3-year project cycle, we offer continuous guidance to VISTA members and host sites. We ensure projects are tailored to community needs, measurable, and effective. Our support helps VISTA members grow personally and professionally, navigating national service and fostering cultural competence.

  3. Ensuring Sustainable Impact: Each VISTA project includes a research component, promoting best practices and sustainable systems within anti-poverty organizations. This leads to lasting community change and enhanced organizational capacity.

Our Results

Over the past decade, our VISTA program has partnered with 70+ local agencies, significantly improving services in areas like affordable housing, financial literacy, and education access. In 2023 alone, VISTA members managed 194 volunteers who contributed 1160 hours of community service, secured nearly $1 million in cash resources, and served 560 individuals in Spokane County.

Investment in Community

Through capacity-building grants, our program provides full-time VISTA members for 3 years, empowering local agencies to expand and sustain vital services throughout Spokane County.

The AmeriCorps VISTA Program at United Way of Spokane County is integral to our mission of dismantling inequality and fostering economic stability. Together with strategic partnerships, we create a more equitable and prosperous community for all.

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