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Spokane County United Way’s purpose is to bring people together to LIVE UNITED in order to meet the challenges that we are facing today and prepare for a better tomorrow. This year marks our 100th anniversary serving our community and your ongoing and generous support is appreciated and necessary. 

Our nonprofit community is essential and United Way continues to support 30 local nonprofits that share our vision to provide safe homes free of child abuse, neglect, and domestic violence, increase graduation rates so youth are ready to thrive, and improve financials stability to prevent hunger and homelessness. Together our partnerships support our most vulnerable citizens, and create change. 

Spokane County United Way is responding directly to today’s immediate crisis through added partnerships with Innovia and Empire Health Foundations to create the Community Response and Recovery Fund. To date this fund has raised over $3 million dollars for people experiencing food insecurity, domestic and family violence, and health access issues. 

Since March 2020, United Way has been awarded close to one million dollars in federal funding to distribute to nonprofit, faith based, and government organizations providing food and shelter services. 

In addition to securing funding to lift up our community, Spokane County United Way is a leader in coordinating our community’s volunteer efforts. Since March of 2020, nearly 3,000 volunteer positions to help with the pandemic have been filled using

Thank you for trusting Spokane County United Way with your gift. We are proud of our 100-year history of serving Spokane County and are reliant on generous donors like you to continue to serve for hundreds more.  

I ask that you carefully consider your gift. Your support and commitment are valued, and essential. If possible, could you increase your gift by $25, $50, $100? Thank you for making Spokane County United Way your trusted partner of choice. We are in this together, and we are stronger together. 


Tim Henkel 
President and CEO, Spokane County United Way 

ALTCEW 2021 United Way Campaign

It’s been another challenging year in our community.  That’s why we’re encouraging all who can, to consider donating to United Way.

Now more than ever, we need to support one another, and United Way is one of the most effective ways we have as a community to help the greatest number of people.

Helping others is the mission of ALTCEW.  By partnering with United Way, we can reach others in the community by responding to immediate needs and creating a brighter future.



Years Spokane County United Way
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Local nonprofit organizations that receive grants
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$20 Million
Has been invested into local nonprofit
organizations over the last 10 years alone

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