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We're excited to share the opportunity for you to make a significant impact in our community through the United Way of Spokane County Workplace Giving Campaign. Here's why your participation matters:

A Century of Commitment: United Way of Spokane County has been a pillar in our community for over 100 years, and its dedication has only grown stronger.

Empowering Change: Your contributions empower us to work relentlessly to enhance financial stability, educational opportunities, and health for everyone in Spokane County.


Addressing Critical Needs: Our community faces challenges such as:

-Health: Reducing community violence and ensuring equal health services, regardless of socioeconomic

status, by offering immediate resource and prevention measures for victims of domestic abuse.

-Education: Aiming to reduce the graduation gap by 50% for low-income and diverse students by

enhancing access to free or reduced cost early education programs and resources.

-Income: Increasing financial literacy, job readiness and personal development


Making a Difference: In response to these challenges:

- We've invested $800,000 across 28 local nonprofit agencies, all of which are allies of United Way, working to improve health, financial stability and quality educational opportunities.

Living United: Our mission is to tackle today's challenges and pave the way for a brighter future. True change requires collective effort, and your continued support is invaluable.

Your Investment Matters: Every dollar you contribute is an investment in the future of our children, young adults, and families. With your trust, we pledge to be responsible stewards of your contributions, ensuring we uplift our community on your behalf. Uniting YOU to YOUR community.

Let's come together and make a difference. Remember, to live better, we must LIVE UNITED.


With Appreciation,

Sara Clements-Sampson

Vice President of Resource and Development

Spokane County United Way

Make Your Pledge and LIVE UNITED

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