Increasing financial stability and opportunity We invest so that families have their basic needs met, job opportunities and financial stability.
The median income in Spokane County lags behind the statewide average. Unemployment is high and even people with jobs struggle paycheck to paycheck. Too many people are one unexpected setback from a financial crisis.
United Way's investments help keep food on the table, strengthen job skills and equip people with budgeting and financial tools to build for that unexpected emergency and their future.

The ALICE study, released by United Ways of the Pacific Northwest, describes what poverty and financially constrained households look like in the Pacific Northwest. Read full ALICE report.

People have income and resources adequate to meet basic needs
Low-income working families tend to pay more for basic goods and services because of the neighborhoods they live in, credit history or lack of access to transportation. Many struggle to meet their most basic needs. The current economic situation with rising costs of food and gas make it even more challenging for these families. United Way investments help prevent a short term crisis from escalating into an emergency. Access to emergency food and other basic services such as utility assistance can make a huge difference for people. It can free up money to pay the rent and prevent homelessness.

People acquire family sustaining employment
Now, more than ever before, education attainment is fundamental to the long term earning potential of an individual. Life circumstances often put women into a position where they need to step up to become the primary source of income for their family. United Way invests to help economically disadvantaged women gain the job skills needed to find a job and support their families.

People gain and sustain assets
Providing tools and resources to help people be financially stable is an integral part of our financial strategies. United Way funds programs that increase financial management skills. These programs connect low-income working families to financial education and increases their access to low cost financial products and services.

Accessing Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
Free Tax Preparation - United Way in partnership with IRS and AARP and community partners provide free tax preparation services to low and moderate income people. Each year hundreds of certified volunteers prepare tax returns free for low and moderate income workers. On average, 5,000 people are served and many receive increased refunds because of the assistance provided in claiming EITC and child care tax credits. Learn more about EITC.

Opening a Bank Account
bankonThis public private partnership that connects low income individuals and families to safe, simple and affordable mainstream financial services including access to checking and savings accounts.


cash coalitionCASH is a coalition of local businesses, financial institutions, government, service providers and community organizations dedicated to helping low and moderate income people become more financially stable. Coordinated by United Way, CASH connects people to free tax preparation, financial education and access to affordable checking and savings accounts. For more information, visit the Spokane CASH Coalition website.