Improving people's health
Good health is a basic need that impacts every aspect of daily life. People need healthy environments to live healthy lives. That happens by ensuring that children and youth are nurtured and safe, by people making healthy choices, accessing quality health care and assisting vulnerable people to be included and not isolated.

Children and youth are nurtured and safe
Children learn best in loving, nurturing relationships and through everyday experiences. These are essential connections that hard-wire the brain for future learning, especially in the early years.
Significant adversity impairs development in the first three years of life-and the more adversity a child faces, the greater the odds of a developmental delay. In fact, risk factors such as poverty, caregiver mental illness, child maltreatment, single parent, and low maternal education have a cumulative impact: children exposed to 6 or 7 of these risks face a 90-100% likelihood of having one or more delays in their cognitive, language, or emotional development.
Your investments in United Way provide care and counseling for children who have experienced abuse and neglect and help low income parents learn new parenting skills. These services help build resilience in children, so that they don’t suffer long-term damage.

People make healthy choices
Making sure that people have the knowledge and the access to resources like good nutritious food and exercise is vital to promote and maintain good health. Equally important is providing people support to change their unhealthy behaviors. Helping people to battle drug and alcohol abuse or assist someone in leaving an abusive relationship are also essential in helping to improve lives. Read more from Spokane Counts.

People can access quality health care
Making sure that people who have serious health challenges can access care is an important part of our health investments. Currently, one in five youth locally suffer from a psychological disorder, but have limited access to mental health services. Having access to services are key for these individuals to be able to achieve their potential in school, work and personal relationships.

Vulnerable populations are included and not isolated
Caring and supporting others by making sure the most vulnerable people in our community are included rather than isolated is an important part of making sure everyone reaches their full potential.

Helping people with disabilities, seniors and their caregivers, overcome challenges, maintain their social connections and support their wellness and independence is an important part of maintaining a healthy community for everyone.

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