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A solid education is a pathway for success in life – in finding a job-which in turn leads to financial stability and a greater chance for good health. A high school degree is a milestone in a young adult’s life. It is a measurement of success that we all value and is critical to making sure our children succeed in life.
To make sure our children graduate – they need support – from their parents, their teachers and the community. That’s why the work we do to make sure our children are nurtured and safe; ready for kindergarten; and succeed in school is so important.

Children are ready for kindergarten
Children who start school healthy and ready to succeed are less likely to develop behavioral, academic or health problems and more likely to grow into productive, working adults and contributing members of their community.
Teachers and statistics confirm that the child that starts behind too often stays behind. Locally, half of our children enter kindergarten without the social and emotional skills to succeed. Disadvantaged children are even further behind. Supporting children, especially those most at risk, is a high priority for United Way.
Your investments in United Way help engage parents – a child’s most important teacher – improve the quality of child care, provide family support and public awareness so that children are ready for kindergarten.

Students are successful in and out of the classroom
The early teen years – as youth enter middle school - is an especially vulnerable time when many students are at risk of becoming future drop outs. It’s a time of rapid development with things changing in their personal lives and their school environment at the same time they have increased exposure to risky behaviors.
Middle School youth who are academically below their classmates, miss school frequently or have significant behavior problems are vulnerable for becoming future dropouts. Your United Way investments connect teachers, parents and afterschool programs – to provide the support these students so they stay on track to graduate.

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