It takes everyone working together to make sure our community is built on a solid foundation - a strong public education system, economic prosperity and quality healthcare. No one organization and no one individual can accomplish that on its own. That's why United Way recruits people and organizations that bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done.
United Way Partners


Inland Northwest Early Learning Alliance


United Way in collaboration with other community leaders is part of the Inland Northwest Early Learning Alliance, a public private partnership focused on building a strong foundation to help children succeed in school and life. Made up of nonprofit organizations, government agencies and businesses, the Alliance is focused on making improvements that increase: quality early learning programs; access to health care; support and resources for families; and services to young children with special needs.

Youth Program Quality

High quality after-school programs play an important role in helping children and youth succeed in school.  In the spring of 2012, United Way entered into a new partnership with the Seattle-based Raikes Foundation to support and expand the use of the Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA) in Spokane County.  The YPQA is a research-validated and field-tested tool designed to evaluate the quality of youth programs and identify staff training needs.  Seven local organizations are already using this tool to improve program quality.  United Way staff will support the learning community of programs that currently use this tool and will be responsible for selecting new programs to participate in the project and access training, coaching and peer-to-peer mentoring. More about the RFP process.

School Community Partnership Committee

United Way co-leads this effort with Spokane Public Schools to improve the capacity and effectiveness of partnerships between Spokane Public Schools, community organizations and community volunteers in order to increase the number of youth who graduate from high school career and college ready.  The committee is developing strategies, including implementation of an early warning system that will enable the district and its partners to identify at-risk students earlier and offer a range of resources to these students and their families.  Members represent the school district, after-school programs, public health, juvenile justice, higher education and local philanthropy.

Priority Spokane

United Way is part of this unique collaboration of local organizations focused on creating a more vibrant future for people who live and work in our community. The goal of Priority Spokane, coordinated through the Inland Northwest Community Foundation, is to foster measurable improvements in key areas including education, economic vitality, the environment, health, and community safety.


CASH Coalition - Creating Assets Savings and Hope

United Way is one of the founders and leaders in the CASH Coalition which brings together businesses and financial institutions, local service providers, government and community organizations to help families prosper by providing opportunities for low-income working families to acquire, save and grow their money and assets. CASH Coalition website


Neighborhoods Matter

An initiative of the Spokane Regional Health District, Neighborhoods Matter is a targeted community approach to reduce health disparities that impact maternal, child and family health. Focused on the East Central neighborhood - one of the poorest and diverse in Spokane - residents are working to develop an action plan that will address the root causes of health issues in their community. United Way leadership is part of the advisory committee for this effort.


education2-1-1 is a simple, easy to remember number that offers a “front door” to health and human service resource information, for those looking for help, or hoping to give help.The service is free, confidential and available statewide.

By calling 2-1-1 anywhere in the state, you can reach a Referral Specialist who has access to information on services in your area and the larger statewide system database. The database contains over 8,200 health and human service providers to help meet your needs. For phones that aren’t programmed for 2-1-1, you can dial toll free 1-866-904-9060.

washington connect

Link to resources in Washington State here.

24-Hour Hotline (509) 838-4428 or 1-877-678-4428

Labor Partnership

Since 1946, the American Fedevolunteerration of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and United Way of America have enjoyed a cooperative relationship through which they and local United Ways have provided services to members of organized labor, their families and their communities.
For more information about Spokane County United Way’s Labor Liaison Program, contact 509-838-6581 x105.