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excelerate success

Excelerate Success is a partnership that brings together a broad range of community partners with a shared community vision to prepare all of our region's children for success in school and in life. Spokane County United Way serves as the backbone organization that connects and convenes stakeholders around it's shared agenda.
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Spokane County United Way is a mobilizer for positive and lasting community change.

We aim to improve the lives and futures of all people in the community.

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We bring together expertise, funding and volunteer support to positively impact education, income and health -
the building blocks for a good quality of life.

We know these areas are intrinsically linked. We work in partnership with others to eliminate inequities experienced by low-income and diverse populations. This creates the change we all want to see, and the entire community benefits. read more

Spokane County United Way invests in Youth Reach which links youth in downtown Spokane to community resources to help them move beyond the challenges in their lives and build a better future for themselves.





United Way investments focus resources

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education grows economies

The Spokane County United Way Board supports the passage of the Spokane region’s public school bonds and levies and encourages you to VOTE YES FOR EDUCATION AND VOTE YES to create a more educated prosperous and healthy community by 2020.

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Education, income and health are intrinsically linked. A solid education is a pathway for success in life – in finding a job-which in turn leads to financial stability and a greater chance for good health. That’s why Spokane County United Way is building a strong foundation across all three in order to create a better community for all.